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This page is still under development. For the time being a simple list of books I feel are worth having on your bookshelf is given. A short review of each one will be added soon.

Books for everyone's shelves

Stargazing With A Telescope.    Author : Robin  Scagell      Published by Philips

Guide To Stars & Planets.            Author : Patrick Moore     Published by Philips

Turn Left At Orion.     Authors : Guy Consolmagno & Dan M Davis  Published by Cambridge University Press

The Monthly Sky Guide.    Authors : Ian Ridpath & Wil Tirion  Published by Cambridge University Press

Observers Handbook Astronomy From Towns & Suburbs.  Author : Robin Scagell  Published by Philips

This last book is currently out of print but I obtained an unused, but second hand copy, via Amazon. Well worth buying if you can find a good copy